Thursday, November 28, 2013

Three Sisters Soup

I was thinking about putting a post up this week for Thanksgiving, but it seemed kind of a moot point. I'm sure most people have already figured out there holiday menu and have shopped accordingly. So instead of turkey or cranberry sauce recipes, I decided on a traditional Native American recipe, Three Sisters Soup. Since the premise of Thanksgiving is to be grateful for a bountiful harvest, why not bring a little traditional agriculture to the table. 

The story goes:

The "Three Sisters" garden at the
National Museum of the American Indian.
(Photo by Katherine Fogden)
Three sisters were made by the Creator to help the hungry people, their names were Corn, Squash, and Bean. Corn was the eldest, she grew tall and straight but her feet were burnt everyday from the hot Sun, every year she stood there the ground grew less fertile. Squash saw Corn's plight and offered to lay her large leaves over her feet protecting them from the sun. Corn helped Squash by collecting water in her large leaves and sending it to her sister below. The youngest sister was Bean,  she was the weakest. She was not strong enough to hold herself up, but she had a special talent of nourishing the Earth. Corn offered her strong straight shoots to help Bean face the Sun, and Bean in turn nourished the Earth for both Corn and Squash. 

The moral of the story is that by working together we can live in harmony and prosper. The science of the story is Corn provides structural support for Bean, Bean provides Nitrogen, and Squash keeps the ground moist and deters pests. 

This is my version of the Three Sisters Soup I had out in Arizona.
I hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Chilly Weather Calls for Chili

It's hard to believe how quickly time has past. It seems as though the seasons are shortchanging us

Fall and skipping right to Winter. This week the temperatures dipped and we had flurries! Big fat beautiful snowflakes that thankfully didn't stick. Cold weather in our house means getting out the crockpot, stockpot, and cast iron. It's soup/ stew season!

I've always associated soup dishes with cold weather; either as a small light broth to warm you up before dinner is ready, or as a hearty stew that will warm and fill you. Lets not forget the necessity of a good hot soup when you are feeling under the weather...
This week's weather made me by-pass the light broth soups and go straight to a stew. 
The decision was made based on the flurries; Chicken Chili for dinner!
It's flavorful comfort food rather then spicy-alarm anything. For some extra heat, I usually add some Hot sauce to mine right before eating.

Here is my take on Chicken Chili:
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